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Shakka And Pals

Welcome to the Shakka And Pals podcast page! Each week Shakka and Machen interview interesting streamers, content creators & videogame industry professionals to get a peek behind the green-screen and see what goes into making videogames and videogame content!

Feb 7, 2018

This week we interview the multi skilled Ben Burnes & get some excellent advice for every creative. Ben is a music producer, video game developer, YouTuber, Streamer and more. Ben's advice this week covers lots of topics and will surely provide lots of help to all us creatives out there!

Links mentioned in the episode:

Pat Pattison on Composer Quest:


Agile Trello Dashboard:


The Agile Composer:


Color Jumper on Steam: 


Abstraction Music on Spotify:


Creationism Album:


Find Ben Burnes on the web here:









Today's song is...

Pompous Platypus By Ben Burnes, available on!